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“The world is too dangerous for anything but truth, and too small for anything but love.” 

     - William Sloane Coffin

I am a single woman with two grown children who all live nearby and are starting to bless me with wonderful grandchildren.

My background includes several years as an elementary school teacher in San Jose, CA.  In 1985 I entered the field of psychology and received my Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Antioch University.

Further training included a year of study in Psychosynthesis which is a theoretical
approach to psychology that acknowledges our spiritual natures.  I am also a Certified Guided Imagery Facilitator.  My interest in subtle energies also led me to become a Reiki Master and Shen Practitioner.  Both of these approaches are a non-invasive energy/bodywork that may be used for releasing deeply held emotions or helping reduce stress and chronic pain.  I was in private practice as a psychotherapist, in Seattle, Wa. from 1990-2013. 

I began studying astrology in 2002 under the guidance of Michael Robbins, Ph.D.  We met for two years in Copenhagen, Denmark.  My interest in astrology led me to organize a group in Seattle to continue my studies with Heidi Robbins.   From those years of study and a keen interest in the ancient wisdom teachings of the Alice Bailey books, I began holding full moon ceremonies in my home and at the Theosophical Society. I continue to hold these ceremonies every month.

In 2013, I finished my first book and card deck, entitled, Full Moon Magic.  This is a tool to assist people in honoring the five days of the full moon period.

I am now getting ready to publish my next book which will be about my own personal journey through my 70’s.

For more information about my current projects please see the home page.

full moon magic the one heart karen johannsen
full moon magic the one heart karen johannsen
full moon magic the one heart karen johannsen
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