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Welcome friends to The One Heart.  The energy these words convey to me is the knowing that we are never separate; not from each other, not from the larger life, and not from our own divinity.  We are all held within the cauldron of that one BIG heart. 

full moon magic the one heart karen johannsen

Living more fully from that one big heart has led me to a new career. Now in my 70’s and retired from my role as a psychotherapist and spiritual guide I have embarked on the life of a writer.

In 2013 I published Full Moon Magic, my first book and card deck on the importance of honoring the full moon. The book and card deck are available now.

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Karen Johannsen, MA, Author, ​Educator

New Book
My Gentle Musings Cover front.jpg

I have now completed my second book, My Gentle Musings, which is about my personal journey through my 70’s. Even though I write from my own experiences and share with you my spiritual journey the themes of the book are universal. I cover topics such as letting go, grieving, relationships, self-love, anger, trust and even sex. This book is a compilation of the blogs I have written for the last 6 years. You can check out the table of contents and read a few sample blogs

"This book offers a deep and meaningful look at a variety of real-life experiences, and how to better understand them within the immediacy of one’s life. Written as part memoir, part journal, the author shares her personal experiences and highlights various spiritual lessons contained within them. Filled with a rich assortment of helpful ideas and perspectives, My Gentle Musings is a must read."

 - William Meader, author of Shine Forth: The Soul’s Magical Destiny

Audio Course - Full Moon Ceremony

I have also just completed a series of audio downloads that contain an entire full moon ceremony for each astrological sign.

This thirteen-part audio series is designed to support you in learning about and using the energies of the full moon. Use the recordings on your own or develop ceremony around the full moon to share with others. Each recorded meditation includes the qualities of the astrological sign as well as the energy that the full moon offers.  Meditations are general enough to be used each year during the astrological sign. This program will assist you in maximizing the energy of the full
moon and creating your own ceremony.

full moon magic the one heart karen johannsen

Complete Program Includes:

  • Introductory audio explaining the value and benefits of full moon meditation

  • Audio recordings include one recorded full moon ceremony for each astrological sign (12)

  • Downloadable resource guide: Creating A Full Moon Meditation Ceremony

  • Downloadable E-book: Full Moon Meditation and Ceremony

  • Written script for each astrological sign’s meditation

  • A downloadable “Full Moon Mediation Journal” containing pre-written questions focused on each astrological sign’s energy.

This package is available now at a discounted rate until February, 2019 when it will be officially launched.

Also available in 2019 is an opportunity to mentor with me if you are interested in learning more about the full moon or if you wish to have help in setting up your own full moon ceremonies. Contact me at:


CUTV News Radio:

The Radiance Project Podcast with

astrologer Heidi Rose Robbins:

full moon magic the one heart karen johannsen
full moon magic the one heart karen johannsen
full moon magic the one heart karen johannsen
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